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I began teaching at the City College of New York in 1964 when I was a 22 year-old hot shot composer and trumpet player. I've learned an awful lot about music and people in the intervening period, but mostly I have gained some measure of humility and for that I am most grateful.

From 2002 to 2014 I was chairman of the Music Department. When that uncompensated burden was lifted from my shoulders I returned to the classroom. After 55 years of teaching I retired in August 2019 whereupon I became an adjunct professor teaching one section of Music 10100 on Friday afternoons during nap time until Covid-19 showed up and sent everyone home. At the end of May 2020 I and hundreds of other adjunct faculty were fired so I have not been back to the campus since then. No more commuting and alternate side parking.

This is something I developed for the students in my freshman Introduction to Music class many years ago, but its contents are so important that I share it with all my classes and all my faculty, and has been adopted by many colleges around the country.

                                                A Student’s Credo

I recognize that I am a professional student.  That means that I will earn the grades for the courses in which I am enrolled.  As a professional student I understand that:

1.  I must successfully pass prerequisite courses in order to prepare for the work in sequential ones.  Any incomplete grades will be made up in a timely manner.

2.  I must attend my classes regularly, understanding that I am only allowed two weeks of absences before I may be dropped from any course. I will transfer the data from the academic calendar to my personal calendar.

3.  I must come to class on time as my punctuality reflects on my seriousness of purpose. Coming late disrupts the class and is impolite.

4.  I must come to class prepared to work.  I will bring with me the appropriate writing instruments, notebooks, and textbooks.

5.  I will hand in all assignments on time and I will make sure that they represent my best work. I understand how important it is to edit.

6.  I will let my instructors know when there is something I do not understand, either from what goes on in class or from the homework.

7.  I will prepare for examinations by studying sufficiently far in advance that I do not need to cram at the last minute.

8.  I will take organized and complete notes  from  both classroom lectures and homework readings.

9.  If I am absent from class I will contact one of my fellow students to find out what I have missed.

10.   I will remember that I will only get out of the course what I put into it.

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