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These photographs were taken on our honeymoon to Korea in April 2004.

Koreans really like to eat. This is Sophia, her sister, and her niece chowing down the puchingeh.

The national food of Korea is kimchi, a melange of vegetables that are fermented in large jars and are often buried underground for long periods of time.

Many of the older style houses, especially in the south, use thatched roofs.

Good walls make good neighbors wherever you live.

My brother-in-law sitting bolt upright at the burial grounds of the kings.

The Royal Palace in Seoul.

Traditional statues on Jeju Island

Tourist shadows in the courtyard of an ancient monastery.

Children are beautiful the world over.

This is my sister-in-law who I photographed while we were visiting the Historic Village Museum on the outskirts of Seoul. She is a very nice lady who was a gracious and kind hostess to me even though she didn't speak a word of English.

The Koreans borrow the Japanese word "sakura" for cherry blossom time.