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Many of these scores are available as PDF files. If you would like to receive a copy of any score please email me at jablonsky@optimum.net.

1960 Homage to CD, piano solo
1961 Blue Piece, piano solo
1962 Seven Early Pieces, piano solo
        Trio Picante, flute, clarinet, bassoon
1963 Gestures, string quartet
        Gotham, piano solo
        To Dad, piano solo
        Quodlibet, string quartet
1964 Chamber Symphony 
        Sim Shalom, baritone, SATB, organ
1965 Prelude in G minor, piano solo
1967 Minimarch, winds and percussion
1968 Summer 1968, piano solo
        Variations without a Theme, winds and percussion
1969 Three Pieces for Clarinet, clarinet solo
1970 Trio, flute, clarinet, bassoon
1971 Ancient Lyric Tune, bassoon solo
        Wind Sextet, 2 cl, bsn, 2 tpt, horn
        Phantasmagoria, 6 drummers
1972 Kaleidoscope, chamber orchestra
        Mechanisms, flute, clarinet, bassoon
        Phenomena, woodwind quartet
        Quadruples, 4 clar, 4 violas
        Strata, 21 winds
        Transits, woodwind quartet & string quartet
        Trio 3+4x5/7, flute, clarinet, bassoon
        Jabberwocky, woodwind sextet & voice
        Fanfare, Canzona & Toccata, brass quartet
        Passacaglia, orchestra/ also winds & percussion
1974 Fanfare, 3 trumpets
        Hanukah Variations, orchestra
1975 Fractions, flute solo
1976 Summer Songs, piano solo
        Wisconsin Death Trip, string quintet, pn, organ, perc., 4 narrators
        Sershestoka, violin, clar, cello, piano
1977 Semitic Dances, English horn, bass, perc
        Quilting 5, brass quintet
1980 Suite Antique, flute solo
1981 Rainbow Quartet, string quartet
        444 A Celebration, flute, clar, violin, cello, piano
        Chopiniana, piano solo
2004 Cereal Piece, flute solo
        Wind Sextet (revised), 2 cl, bsn, 2 tpt, horn
2005 444 A Celebration (revised), flute, clar, violin, cello, piano
        Arirang, string orchestra
        Hanukah Variations (revised), orchestra
        Rainbow Quartet Revisited, string quartet
        To Dad (revised), piano solo
        A Simple Sonata, piano solo
        Ancient Lyric Tune (revised), string bass
2006 Winter Dreams, SATB chorus
2007 Child's Play, piano solo
        Seven Early Pieces (revised), piano solo
        Trio Picante (revised), flute, clarinet, bassoon
2008 Computational Quartet, fl., clar., bsn, piano
        Kojo No Tsuki, string orchestra
        New Year 2008, piano solo
        Oboe Sonata, Oboe, piano
        One of Those Days, Trumpet & strings
        Rhythms 3-Ipanema, piano solo
        Rhythms 4-Bones, 4 Trombones
        Summer 1968 (revised), piano solo
2009 Fanfare for a New Age, 3 trumpets
        Rhythms 4-Gone, piano solo
        Lavender Quintet Arrangement, brass quintet
        Rhythms 3-A Rag, vibraphone solo
        Rhythms 4-Geomancy, piano solo
2010 Rhythms 2-B or Not 2-B, viola solo
        Rhythms 3-Hallelujah, piano solo
        Kojo No Tsuki, string orchestra
        Rhythms 4-Declination, piano solo
2012 Final Foray, piano four hands
        Six of One, piano four hands
2014 Circle Dance 4.5, piano
        Rise:Final Scene, flute, timpani, and cello
        Happy Birthday Igor, L'Histoire ensemble
        Asian Dream, flute and harp
2015 Arirang Quintet, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello
        Petit Four Nonet,wind quartet, string quartet, piano
        Webernesque I-III, string quartet
        Hymn for Aya, piano solo
        Hymn for Aya, clarinet, 2 bassoons, Fr. horn, trombone, tuba, chorus
        Without You, trumpet, 2 clarinets, 2 bass clarinets, string orchestra
        Rhythms 4-Consternation, piano solo
        Rhythms 4-Eerie, clarinet solo
        Petit Four Nonet II, wind quartet, string quartet, piano
        Rhythmism, six percussionists
2016 Pavane for Morton, wind quintet, string quartet
        Good Morning to All, flute, vibraphone
        David's Harp, harp solo
        Webernesque IV-V, string quartet
2017 Octet for Winds, flute, clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones
        Rhythms 3-Duet, clarinet and bassoon
        A Different America, piano solo
        Alto Flute Quintet, alto flute and string quartet
        Morceau triste, string quartet
        Octet for Winds 2, fl, cl, 2 bsns, 2 tpts, 2 trbs
        Satie Julienne, piano solo
        Lydian Dreamscape, piano and woodwind quintet
        Alive! piano and woodwind quintet
2018 Intervallic Trio, clarinet, violin, and piano
        Dirge in 5, clar., bsn., tpt, trb, vn, bass, drums
        Another Happy Birthday, Histoire ensemble
        Remembering Ravi, harpsichord
        Streets of Laredo, Brass quintet
        Webern Birthday, harpsichord
        Memorial Day, brass quintet
        Serenade for Strings (6 mvts), string orchestra
        Quintet X, woodwind quintet
        Petite Homage for Steve Reich, woodwind quintet and piano       
        Danger Ahead, piano solo       
        David's Harp (revised), harp solo      
        Flute Quintet, flute and string quartet
2019 Basement Blues, piano solo       
        Spring Round, piano solo       
        Danny Boy, brass quintet       
        The Old Man and the Sea, string orchestra       
        Another Year, alto sax and piano       
        Autumn Colors, clarinet quintet       
        Pent Up Invention, harpsichord       
        Happy Holidays, synth pad and piano

2020 Broadway Boogie Woogie, piano                       
        Rothko Colors, woodwind quintet and string quartet               
        Danger Ahead, synth lead and piano               
        Basement Blues 3, piano                Corona Prelude, piano       
        Rhythmism X, percussion ensemble       
        Trees, string quartet, harp, piano, vibraphone       
        Gnossienne 1X, piano       
        Pizzicato Panoply, string orchestra       
        A Brouklyn Reverie, synth pad, alto flute, English horn       
        A Two-Minute Thanksgiving Reel, electronic quintet       
        A Simple Prayer, synth pad, bassoon, viola       
        Chopin in Mallorca, MIDI

2021 Auld Lang Syne, MIDI                               
        Rhythms 2-Anthem, electronic piano                              
        Into the Light, harp, synth, electronic piano                              
        A Motherless Child, string quartet
        Without a Song, MIDI       
        Frenetic Fusion, Harpsichord, guitar, bass, drums       
        Into the Light, harp, synth, electronic piano