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I bought my first computer, a Mac Quadra 900, back in 1991 and the following year discovered that there were software programs available that could fulfill a dream that composers have had for ages––to compose music and immediately have it played back for evaluation and editing purposes. I am still amazed by this miracle. Once I purchased a Korg O1/Wfd synthesizer and Opcode’s Vision sequencing program I was lost for two years in the land of computer-aided composition. The following list is proof that a powerful combination of miracle and madness (the obsessive behavior necessary to be a real composer) can produce a lot of music, but not a lot of sleep.

There are no scores of this music, only mp3 files. Some of these pieces are included on the next webpage (MP3 Sound Files). In retrospect, I must immodestly say that some of these are really interesting pieces. Some of these pieces are posted on Soundcloud or may be found on my YouTube channel.

Mac Quadra 900 (1991)

1992        The Baroque Mind of Steve Jablonsky
            Bitter Suite
            Miami Nights
            Different Drummers
            Lady Godiva
            Dave’s Lament
            Rainy Days
            Lullaby for Kitzel

1992        Hot Fusion

            The Fluted Channel
            Idiomorph II
            Three Little Devils
            Song of the Wadi
            Scenes from the Emperor’s Court

1993        Solstice Offerings
            Rae’s Song
            Blue Man
            Cabeza de Vaca
            The Third Man
            Poe Park
            Bram’s Waltz
            Diatonic Antidote

1994        Witness (based on “Schindler’s List”)

            The Old Ways
            Bureaucracy of Madness
            On the Train to Hell

1995        Webern Four Square (Miles Davis redux)