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My Life As a Composer

I started writing music without knowing what I was doing when I entered the High School of Music & Art in 1955. I was 13 years-old. Sixty-seven years later I am still at it. When I began to write I was employing a lot of guess work and pure instinct. Now I have a modicum of craft that allows me to create music that has some integral logic and may even be pleasing to the listener. Through much of my early career I wrote like a true obsessive-compulsive, often thinking about the next piece while I was working on this one. I had no life while I was consumed by the flames of composing. In my mid-50s I went through a psycho-therapeutic process that cured me of my OCD and allowed me to be creative in a joyful, measured manner.

I have also come to accept that my music is worthy of merit even though it does not qualify me for the rank of genius. Life has its trade-offs, and I would rather be me than Chopin. I don't have to be the world's greatest composer. I am happy just being me. I am proud of most of what I have written and would love to share it with you.

I have downloaded a representative number of my compositions to my personal page on Soundcloud.com. The quality is better than the samples you will find below.