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I have been drawing and painting since childhood. As an adult I was drawn to the medium of acrylics because they dry quickly and can be manipulated in many interesting ways. Here is an example of a painting that was "drawn" with tape and filled in with acrylics. It is an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright and is a rendition of his famous Kaufman House, Falling Water. This picture disappeared during the renovation of the Human Resources Office during summer 2008.

Here is a picture entitled "Facets" which, as you can see, is an abstract rendition of a folded surface. It was my intention, when I painted this back in 1990, to use the dark holding lines of Piet Mondriaan and fill in the spaces with textures reminiscent of the impressionists, thus paying homage to two of my favorite influences. The end result should give you the impression of stained glass. This was alsoon display in Human Resources and is now missing.

Without question, every artist seeks validation. Some are lucky enough to sell their works for prices in proportion to their talent. Others, like me, have to settle for our art being stolen. This picture, "Arizona Sunset" was hung by me in the hallway of the ground floor of Shepard Hall at CCNY. Several days after it was placed there someone came one night and stole it along with four other paintings that were hung but not secured to the wall. They say "All learning involves pain" and I was very upset that an art thief removed five of my favorite works, but later felt flattered that this person cared enough to risk being caught and jailed in order to possess a Jablonsky. Now I am ambivalent.

Here is another of the paintings that was stolen. This was one of my personal favorites because it honors two of my favorite subjects -- music and humor. It is entitled "Blues Brothers" and, like John Belushi, is gone, gone, gone.