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In the last couple of years I have devoted my artistic talents to reverse painting. I begin by purchasing commercially produced artwork from local home decorating stores and then layer them with various hues of spray enamel in order to mask parts of the original and thereby enhance it with new color and rhythm. If you look carefully at the picture on the left you will notice a lady wearing a large hat, thus the title "Chapeau."

This painting is entitled "Jolies Flueres" and is a deconstruction of a picture of two lilies. As you can see the image has been geometrically reorganized with a variety of new patterns. The new version has also been enhanced by the introduction of colors that were not present in the original that I purchased at discount from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

My experiments in reverse painting began earlier in the millennium, 2002 to be exact, when I searched for objects I could pile in layers on top of a canvas placed horizontally in my driveway. I finally settled on rubber car mats because I could cut them into interesting shapes and they were heavy enough not to fly away when sprayed with enamels. Here is "Aschenbach's Dream" from that productive summer--an homage to Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice."