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The image on the left was drawn with permanent markers. If you look very carefully you will notice that there is a special message from the terrifying world of math in the negative space.

This puzzle art was a gift to my boss, Dean Fred Reynolds and hangs in his office. The use of words in fine art has a long tradition, especially since Picasso and Gris put fragments of newspapers in their paintings a century ago. Of course, it is important to do a spell check before proceeding to draw the positive spaces because you don't want to hang a picture that is misspelled in the office of the former chair of the English Department.

The idea for Puzzle Art started back in the late 1990s when I was going through intensive psychotherapy in order to locate the source of my fear and anger. As part of my therapy I memorialized significant words in my recovery process by incorporating them in a piece of art. This particular drawing refers to my profound awareness of my dark side--a part of me that needed to be recognized, appreciated, and becalmed. I'm feeling much better now. Thanks.