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In 1977 I was introduced to Eva Fuka, the widow of the amazing Czech artist, Vladmir Fuka, who had just died from complications of diabetes. In an attempt to support herself Eva was selling some of her husbands unique creations, so Roberta and I jumped at the chance to acquire a large painted wood construction entitled "Harpsichord" along with several graphic drawings he called Music Forms. One of these attempts to capture the essence of music hung on my office wall and inspired me to go one step farther and use graphics to present an analysis of a musical structure. Over the next two years I produced 36 of these Musigraphics and eventually had three of them lithographed for commercial distribution. The Gift Shop at Lincoln Center bought 100 sets and many more were sold by me through advertisements in the leading art journals. There are still a few of these left in my basement closet along with the 36 originals.

I share with you here the three Musigraphics that were lithographed. The first is an analysis of the first prelude from "The Well-tempered Clavier"of Johann Sebastian Bach. I envisioned this work as a cascade of similar measures flowing one into the next.

Here is my analysis and interpretation of Grieg's "Folk Song." The general idea was to picture an old European village and thus capture the spirit of Grieg's musical intentions.

Here is a detail that shows how I employed line, shape, and color to represent the melodic and harmonic materials.

This a Musigraphic of Webern's Opus 27 for piano. This design shows the binary aspect of the construction and the relationships of the pitches, rhythms, registers, and dynamics to each other.

Here is a detail from the Webern.