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My mother was a very special lady when it came to making crafts. I don't there was an artistic medium she did not investigate. The list included watercolors, printmaking, lapidary, photography, macrame, weaving, sowing,  and stained glass. On one of my many trips to visit her in Florida she taught me how to do stained glass. This depiction of a tree was one of her successes and I proudly display it in my home today.

The following images show you a few of the forty-five rondels I created one summer in the 1980s when, as a college professor on leave from classroom responsibilities, I went to my shop each day and drew designs, cut glass, bled a lot, covered the edges of the glass with copper foil, and soldered the pieces together. This one is a poplar leaf and is an homage to my parents and the summer camp they ran in the Poconos where there was a row of giant poplars in front of the cabins.

Here is a deconstructed airplane.

This might be a lighthouse.

Here are two spheres colliding.

This one is entitled "Navajo."

This one is "Pentagram."