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Here you will find a number of paintings done by me over the past forty years. I have worked mostly in acrylic and enamel. The drawings are done with marker pens. The images range from totally abstract to recognizable objects to word puzzles. You can see from the photo that these works have been a long time coming.

According to my best efforts at record keeping, I have, to date, painted 394 pictures since 1962. 208 of these are on permanent loan to my place of employment, The City College of New York. They may be found in Shepard Hall, the Willie Administration Building, Steinman Hall, Wingate, Marshak, and the NAC.

I never took any formal art lessons because I was too busy with music lessons, but I did get a head start in the very early days of television from a fellow by the name of John Nagy who showed us youngsters how to do perspective and shadows and cool stuff like that. I watched his showed religiously every week on my 9 inch Stromberg-Carlson TV. My mom warned me not to sit to close to the screen because something bad might happen to me. It never did.