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1964 Triumph TR4-A IRS
I had ordered this car in British racing green but rarely do things work out the way I plan them.

If it is true that you are what you drive then make of this what you will. Here is the list of the 33 cars I have owned since the State of New York was foolish enough to issue me a driver's license at age 18.

1964    Triumph         TR4-A    white
1964    Ferrari           330 America GT 2+2    red
1966    Ford              Mustang GT    red
1970    Toyota           Corona station wagon    light blue
1974    Volkswagen    Dasher    dark blue
1975    Volkswagen    Scirroco    white
1976    Chevrolet       Corvette    buckskin
1979    Volkswagen    Scirroco    silver
1979    Mazda            RX-7    white
1980    Pontiac           6000 STE    silver
1982    Volkswagen    Scirroco (turbo)    grey
1983    Cadillac          Seville    dark blue
1984    Mercedes       380 SL    silver
1985    Pontiac          6000 STE    silver
1985    Mazda           RX-7    silver
1986    Cadillac         Seville    silver
1988    Pontiac         6000 STE    silver
1989    Lincoln         Continental    silver
1991    Nissan         300 ZX    silver
1992    Lincoln        Continental    silver
1995    Nissan        300 ZX    silver
1995    Acura         2.5 TL    silver
1995    Acura         2.5 TL    black
1997    Lincoln       Continental    autumn haze
1997    Acura         3.2TL    black
2000    Acura         3.2TL    black
2002    Acura         3.2TL    dark blue
2004    Acura         3.2TL    Green
2007    Acura         TL    dark blue
2010    Nissan        Maxima  Crimson Black
2012    Nissan        Maxima  Java Metallic
2016    Kia             Optima SX Turbo white
2017    Mercedes    C300.4 coupe   cardinal red
2019    Kia             Optima SX Turbo silver

1964 Ferrari 330 America GT 2+2

1966 Ford Mustang GT 2+2