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Music in the Big Apple
New for 2018 is a music appreciation textbook that focuses its attention on the City of New York. This digital text surveys the musical history of the city, it composers and performers. This book is free to anyone who requests it.

Gaining Music Literacy

New for 2014 is the published version of Gaining Music Literacy, a theory, sight singing, and keyboard book for people foolish enough to want to begin their study of music way past the age of 12.

Molto Cantabile!

New for 2013 is a 500 tune anthology for sight singing entitled Molto Cantabile! It has just been published by Kendall Hunt and costs less than $50. This book familiarizes students with the classic tunes from the folk, pop, and classical repertoire and is designed to cover four semesters of musicianship classes.

Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories
, Kendall/Hunt, 2005

    This is a user friendly attempt to explain the principles and compositional practices of the diatonic tonal system. Designed to be used in Theory 1-III. Because its tone is informal and occasionally humorous it is enjoyed by students on all levels but is held in mild contempt by stuffy professors.

Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories Theory 1 Workbook, Kendall/Hunt, 2005

Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories Theory 2 Workbook, Kendall/Hunt, 2006

Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories Theory 3 Workbook, published privately, 2006

The All-Star Rhythm & Pitch Book, Kendall/Hunt, 2005, rev. 2013

    The only book of its kind, it features complete rhythmic compositions that take students from the rudiments to the challenges of the 20th century. Designed to be used in Musicianship I-IV. Also contains some pitch activities that every music student should know and use on a daily basis.

Thinking Harmonically at the Keyboard, published privately, version 5 (2007)

    Designed for use in Theory Practicum I-IV, it features lead sheets, figured bass activities, keyboard progressions, improvisations, and score reading.

***A PDF file of the table of contents of any of these books is available upon request at jablonsky@optimum.net.



A listener's Guide to Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments. The PDF file of this thirteen-page guide is available from the author by email.

The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers
, Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehman, Prometheus Books. Chapter 8: “Fibonacci and Musical Form,” 2007, pp. 271-91.

The Magic Flute, a film study guide for the Kenneth Branagh film released in Europe, December 2006. Contributing editor. Youth Media International.

“Wagner’s Harmonic Game Plan in the Prelude to Tristan und Isolde,” International Journal of Musicology, publication pending.

“Introduction aux graphes de tonalité: Le cercle chromatique des quintes,” Musurgia, Volume X/3-4, pp. 91-104. English translation available from the author.

“The Use of Tonic Delay in the Context of Extreme Chromaticism,” 2003, as yet unpublished.

Beauty and the Beast. Conceptualized and co-authored an educational guide for elementary school teachers as well as one for junior high teachers of art, music and science. 66,000 copies were distributed in conjunction with Disney’s IMAX release of the film in January 2002.  It is also available on the Disney website.