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As of March 2022 there are 161 music videos posted to my YouTube channel: The Wellspring. If you do a search for "stephen jablonsky" and one of the titles below I am sure you will find something to tickle your fancy. The site includes something for everyone, from tragic to comic.

A Brouklyn Reverie
A Motherless Child
A Prayer of Gratitude
A Salute to Congress (Frenetic Fusion)
A Salute to Trains
A Simple Guide to Successful Living
A Simple Prayer
A Two-Minute Thanksgiving Reel
Amazing Jane (Lady Godiva)
Aquatic Dream: Bitter Suite 1
Arirang for String Orchestra
Art History Quiz 1
Art History Quiz 2
Art History Quiz 3
Art History Quiz 4
Artistic Vintage 1882
Asian Dream
Auld Lang Syne 2020
Autumn Colors
Bach Little Prelude in C
Basement Blues 2
Basement Blues 3
Bipolar Flute Quintet 1: Sadness
Bipolar Flute Quintet 2: Joy
Birthdays: December 1
Birthdays: December 5
Birthdays: January 23
Birthdays: January 26
Birthdays: January 29
Birthdays: March 26
Birthdays: November 22
Birthdays: November 7 
Birthdays: October 21 
Birthdays: October 28 
Blue Man Group
Born on Xmas Day
Broadway Boogie Woogie
Cabeza de Vaca
Cat Worship
Chopin in Mallorca
Corona Prelude
Danger Ahead
Danny Boy
Danny Boy Brass Quintet
Dave's Lament
David's Harp
Debussy Prelude 6
Don't Stop Smoking
Four Square
Gershwin Prelude 2: Chrysler Building
Gnossienne 1x
Greetings From Flushing: Bitter Suite 2
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday?
Happy Hannukah: Menorahs
Happy Holidays
History Quiz 01
History Quiz 02
History Quiz 03
History Quiz 04
History Quiz 05
History Quiz 06
History Quiz 07
History Quiz 08
History Quiz 09
History Quiz 10
History Quiz 11
History Quiz 12
History Quiz 13
History Quiz 14
History Quiz 15
History Quiz 16
History Quiz 17
History Quiz 18
Hymn for Aya Nishina
Idiomorph 1
If I Were A Rich Man
Into the Light
Just Hands
Kojo No Tsuki
Lullaby for Kitzel
Lydian Dreamscape
Memorial Day
Miami Nights
MLK. Patriotism Personified
Mother's Day in Art
Music History Quiz 01
Music History Quiz 02
Music History Quiz 03
Music History Quiz 04
Music History Quiz 05
Music History Quiz 06
Music History Quiz 07
Music History Quiz 08
Music History Quiz 09
Music History Quiz 10
Music History Quiz 11
Music History Quiz 12
Music Lesson 01
Music Lesson 02
Music Lesson 03
Music Lesson 04
Music Lesson 05
Music Lesson 06
Music Lesson 07
Music Lesson 08
Music Lesson 09
Music Lesson 10
Music Lesson 11
Music Lesson 12
Music Lesson 13
Music Lesson 14
Music Lesson 15
Music Lesson 16
Musicians Remembered 2021
My Shepard Hall
New Year 2008
Pavane for Morton
Performers We Lost in 2021
Petite Homage
Pizzicato Panoply
Poe Park
Rae's Song
Remembering Ravi Shankar
Rosh Hashanah
Rothko Colors
Satie Julienne
Song of the Wadi
Spring Round
Streets of Laredo
String Thing 1
String Thing 2
String Thing 3
String Thing 4
String Thing 5
String Thing 6
The 20 Richest Americans
The 25 Most Expensive Artworks Sold At Auction
The Blue Kimono
The Old Man and the Sea
The Third Man
Three Little Devils
Trump: A Review of His Presidency
Turning 80
Valentine's Day
Van Gogh & Friends 1888
Vicious MAGA Sharks
Vintage Art 1888
Virtual Versailles
Pentup Invention
What Does America Drive?
Wisconsin Death Trip
Without You
Witness 1: The Old Ways
Witness 2: The Bureaucracy of Madness
Witness 3: On the Train to Hell
Witness 4: Dreams