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In life you have two choices: you can feel needy all the time or you can live in gratitude. The simple secret of successful living is learning to be grateful for all you have been given. Count your blessings!
I awaken each morning in my own bed just a bit surprised that I have been granted another day. As I lie in bed I am aware that I am not in pain and am feeling healthy, so already I am a winner. I get out of bed and take advantage of indoor plumbing. I shave and shower in deliciously warm water. I then enjoy the delicious breakfast my wonderful, loving wife has prepared for me. Afterwards I go to my closet and choose my outfit from an array of clean clothing. All of this is by way of preparing to go to a job I enjoy, one that gives me gobs of satisfaction and enjoyment.

It doesn’t get better than this. I leave the house excited to embark on my daily adventure. At the end of the day, when I lay my head on my pillow, I review the joys and challenges that were presented to me, and am grateful to be back in my own bed. Before I sleep I offer a prayer of gratitude for another wonderful day.
If you have trouble finding things for which to be grateful, how about these?

Thanks for family, friends, classmates, lovers, pets, music, poetry, nature, sunrise, rain, snowflakes, fresh air, cool water, glorious sunsets, chocolate, and moonlight.