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                               Toning & Tightening Bedtime Regimen

I recommend that you do this regimen about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime so that you will continue to burn calories as you sleep.  Men should use 5-pound hand weights and women can use 2.5-pounders. Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise.  Only do as many of each one as is comfortable.   Remember to breathe while exercising.  The reps I have suggested should take about 15 minutes.  If you hurt yourself, don’t call or sue me.  Do not have cake and milk immediately after this regimen.

1.  Side lifts.  Start with your hands at your side and lift them both straight up at your side to shoulder height with your palms facing down.  25 times.

2.  Curls.  Start with your hands at your side with your palms facing forward.  One at a time, raise your hand to shoulder height. 50 each hand.

3.  Reach for the Sky.  Begin with your hands at your sides just above your shoulders with the palms facing your body.  One at a time, reach as high as you can.  50 each hand.

4.  Pickups.  With your feet apart bend at your waist so that your torso is parallel to the floor.  Start with your hands at your chest.  One at a time, extend your arm beyond your knee and then return it to your chest.  50 each hand.

5.  Big Arcs.  Start with your hands hanging just in front of you with the ends of the weights touching.  Now lift your arms together at your side until they meet over your head.  10 times.

6.  The Swing.  Start with both hands at your side with the palms facing backward.  Swing both arms together straight ahead to shoulder height and then let them swing as far behind you as you can.  25 times.

7.  Abdomen Squeeze.  Bend slightly forward with your legs apart.  Begin with your hands extended out from your side at shoulder height and then bring them together in front of you about a foot in front of your belly.  25 times.

8.  Triceps Pumper.  Start with your hands at your side with the palms facing your body.  One at a time, pull your hand up toward your armpit.  50 each hand.

9.  The Pincer.  Begin with your hands straight out at your sides with the palms facing forward.  Bring your hands together in front of you.  25 times.

10.  The Tom-tom.  Begin with one hand at your waist and the other just in front of your shoulder with your palms facing your body.  Now have your hands change places.  Pretend you are beating a Tom-tom with the weights.  50 each hand.

Bedtime: This set of exercises when added to the fatigue of dragging yourself through the day should make you quite tired and ready for bed. Add to that the mental fatigue of your daily madness and mayhem and you should be a good candidate for a restful night. Get into bed and say a prayer of gratitude for having survived the day, and then follow the relaxation technique described in the following page.