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A New Age

In The Age of Bullshit facts no longer matter. Our elected officials can now say and do anything they want without be confronted by, or contradicted by, facts or scientific data. Mr. Trump has decided to take us back to the Middle Ages. Since he does not read, neither should we, so let's all just go to the comics. A very ugly, nasty lady is now Delegated White House Liar and she does her job brilliantly. Why the media even bothers to show up at press conferences is beyond me.

Seekers of Truth

The era of the smart ass frat boy (W) resident of the White House ended in 2009 after eight long years. We will no longer have to watch the black sheep of the Bush family pretend that he actually knows anything. His agony of deceit has finally ended and now we have a president who can speak in complete sentences. The new man may not be perfect but at least he can read and write. W has disappeared and may never be seen in public again which is good for him and good for all of us, but his legacy of death and destruction will live on for decades.

I hate to report this but, after 6 years in office, Mr. Obama seems to have taken up the insane mantle of his predecessor and continues policies and procedures that should have ended a long time ago. There never was a War on Terror but the charade continues unabated. The 30 Years War on Drugs is still a stalemate and we have spent tens of billions of dollars that could have gone to schools and hospitals. Why don't we just admit that Americans love drugs and legalize them like tobacco and alcohol? The federal government is still very Puritan when it comes to pot but certain states are now toking up.

We just commemorated the 13th anniversary of the WTC disaster and we are still light years away from knowing why and how it happened. There are still myriad questions that have not received satisfactory answers such as, "How could our leaders have let this happen?" Was it incompetence, stupidity, or malfeasance? Could it be all three? What we do know is that in the history of the world only three steel frame buildings ever came down from fire–– WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7. Do you know what thermate is?


Now the Supreme Court is debating whether the Obama Healthcare Bill is legal or not. That's not the point. The point is that America should be taking care of its people. Health should be priority Number One on our national to-do-list. It is morally, ethically, and economically beneficial to have a healthy populace. Other nations can do it, like those stupid Canadians, and we cannot. We are more certain that every American deserves a gun than health care. Is this crazy, or what?


I'll tell you what's crazy--tailgating! Everyday I see people on the highway tempting disaster by driving bumper to bumper at 60 miles an hour. A half century ago I was taught that I should separate myself from the car in front of me by one car length for every 10 miles per hour. At 60 mph that's 96 feet. The gamblers I see on the highway are usually one car length behind and are seemingly anxious to meet the tow truck guy after they talk to the trooper.


You want information? I'll give you information. Here is proof positive that our faulty immigration policy is not only harming our domestic labor force but is threatening our kids. Let's hope the new administration addresses the immigration question. There are 20 million aliens living and working in this country who live in fear every day that they may be picked up, imprisoned without rights, and deported. This is unwise and inhumane. We can do better than that. But, of course, those people have funny eyes or dark skin so we can treat them like third class citizens. The prison system in this country is the largest in the world and makes a ton of money for a privileged few who lust for profits without considering the morality or ethics of our policies.

What more can I say?