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            Here's a thought: If you want news, don't turn on the TV.

February 24, 2022

As hard as it is to believe, Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, has decided to have his military invade Ukraine and kill as many people as possible while destroying their infrastructure. The reasons for doing this are unknown to everyone except him. Of course, America cannot throw stones at him because we did the same thing invading Iraq and killing untold numbers of innocent people and destabilizing the Middle East. Wars like this are always started on false pretenses. Dick Cheney insisted that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that he was going to use to attack Cleveland. Putin insisted that he wanted to prevent a genocide of Russian speaking people and de-Nazify a government that was run by a Jew who had relatives exterminated by the Nazis. Why crazy shit like this happens nobody knows. Some people rise to positions of great power and lose their minds. Sadly, t has always been this way.

June 1, 2021

Here is the good news: Steve and Sophia survived fourteen months in quarantine and have been vaccinated so they may slowly return to something we will call the new normal. Sadly there are still many Americans who do not believe in the vaccines, in science, or in truth. They continue to be divorced from reality and dream of the day when El Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago will become lifelong dictator of a white, Christian nation. Rational citizens hope that never comes to pass, but the GOP is doing its best to prevent voters of color from exercising their civic duty of voting in fair elections.

October 10, 2018

Well, last week American politics hit an all-time low when Republican senators proved that they don't care about women or justice–all they care about is power. Brett Kavanaugh, an angry alcoholic in denial, was elevated to SCOTUS. Despite his tantrums and history of aggression he was deemed worthy to sit next to Clarence Thomas who has spent decades as a disgrace to his people and the American justice system. The FBI, hampered by the White House, did not correctly investigate the charges against this privileged white man with no respect for the truth, and so creepy Susan Collins and Jeff Flake fell into line and failed the patriot test.

Meanwhile, with a national election only weeks away the GOP is working overtime to throw people of color off voting roles in states north and south. It can only be hoped that We the People will come to the polls in sufficient numbers to bring America to its senses and right the ship.

January 15, 2018:

Today is MLK Day and boy do we need him now. It has been almost a year since Bozo entered the White House with his pathetic wife trailing behind. He has proven to be an utter failure just as he was in business, only now he doesn't have the Russian Mafia to support and advise him. He has lied and vacationed more than any president in history. His administration has done everything it can to destroy America, almost as if they were all foreign agents hell bent on the destruction of our country. In God We Trust. We sure don't trust him.

January 28, 2017:

Well, a narcissistic, congenital liar is now occupying the Oval Office, and he and his cohorts are working day and night to destroy everything that is good about America. Their disdain for people and the planet is matched only by their greed. To stop these madmen the people will have to take to the streets and take their country back.

August 5, 2016:

This is the year the country picks its next president. The choice is a Wall Street insider with a penchant for military action and a psychopathic narcissist who presents himself as a great businessman although he will not show his tax returns to prove it. It has never been this bad.

June 22, 2015:

Once again the heart of America has been rent asunder by the deadly combination of ignorance and guns. Now Charleston has the same stigma as Columbine and Newtown. We like to think of ourselves as an advanced people but too many of us relish the idea of carrying and using weapons much they way they did back in the six-shooter days in Dodge City. We have yet to understand why so many Americans love guns. Some even think it is OK to bring them to school or church. I know this sounds crazy, but there it is. Guns are loud, angry, and deadly. Their main purpose is to help us get something to eat or to protect our family. I'll let you mull those over while I insist that, more importantly, every American has a God-given right to music or art lessons, or just basic literacy.

See you at the firing range?

August 8, 2014:

The war between the Jews and the Arabs that started in 1948 is still raging in Gaza. People around the globe are dismayed at the level of violence and many of them would like the Israelis to be nicer to the Palestinians...just the way the Iraqis are nice to each other, and the Afghanis, and the Syrians, and the Libyans...well, you get my drift. I can remember when 6 million Jews were herded like cattle to be slaughtered in the Nazi death camps and now those same people are seen in a very different light because they have their own first class country with all the technological advantages of modern warfare. Things have changed!

June 17, 2013:

If you are confused about the whole story about whistle blowers leaking sensitive government data, here is what you need to know: The government lies about everything. It is just that simple. They have been lying for as long as anyone can remember and they will go on lying because this is a very imperfect world and they are the most imperfect ones among us. Everyone in the Congress has been bought and paid for, and they only work for those who paid them, not those who elected them. Everything they do has only two purposes: to enhance the power and wealth of the privileged few, so that leaves you and me out of the picture. Sorry.

August 22, 2012:

Now we are in the thick of the insane race for the White House. Two strange fellows, one white and the other mocha, want to be the leader of the free world for reasons that no one can truly understand. Would you vote for anyone who really wanted to be president?

April 15, 2012:

Well, it's two years later and the war in Iraq may be over. I'm not sure what's going on there, but, for sure, we are still in Afghanistan, proving that we are dumber than the Russians who were there 10 years with no benefit and we have now outlasted them. Damn, Orwell was right again. I hate that part.

January 1, 2011

I have two hopes for the new year that seem quite trivial but speak volumes about the dishonesty of the world in which we currently live. First, I would love people to stop using the word "awesome" for insignificant events, and secondly, I would love the movie theaters to stop saying "and now our feature presentation" when there is nothing preceding it but coming attractions. I am old enough to remember when for 50 cents you got to see  six cartoons, a travel log, Movietone News, a B film, and a feature presentation. Of course, it was Saturday afternoon and the Irish matron constantly pointed her flashlight at us rowdies and told us to shut up.

Of course, what I would really like is for people to get real and stop the endless wars that H. G. Wells warned us about in his prophetic 1984. We could sure use those hundreds of billions of dollars to heal our sick, teach our children, and fix the bridges over which I travel every day.

Summer 2011

The dysfunctional government in Washington DC has proven once and for all that since January 2001 we are all residents of the Age of Bullshit. This new age is characterized by elected officials who have no respect or concern for truth or justice. They can say or do anything they want and will never be called to account. They can make up facts and deny science to their hearts content and the media will never report that the Emperor Has No Clothes. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has recently written a memoir that spotlights this Brave New World. First he made up stuff, like WMDs, while he was in office and now has rewritten history to prove that he was the infallible genius who guided this nation through troubled waters and everyone was a moron. He has been on every TV talk show known to mankind and no interviewer has challenged his veracity, only because this is The Age of Bullshit, and the deeper it is piled the better. I pray that the Mayan prediction of the end of civilization in December 2012 is correct because this has got to stop and we mortals seem incapable of pulling the plug. I will not be unhappy to hear the an asteroid is headed towards Earth and the mad dance we all find ourselves in will end in a blaze of glory.

In the mean time, how about term limits for everybody inside the beltway?

April 15, 2010:

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone and I have, once again, paid my taxes without having any idea where my money is going. I suppose I am mostly paying for the endless wars in the East and for innumerable junkets for congressmen on a bender. I guess that's democracy. It is hard to believe that we recently ended a year long debate about whether Americans should be healthy. Let's hope something constructive comes out of that madness. It is hard to remain optimistic. Well, 2010 is the end of the decade and maybe all's well that ends well. Personally I am hoping the Mayans are correct and an asteroid destroys all life on Earth two years from this December. I say enough is enough. The recent eruption of the volcano in Iceland has given us a small taste of what is to come.

June 12, 2010:

With state after state on the brink of financial ruin the federal government continues to funnel hundreds of billions of much needed dollars to a war far away that has no purpose other than to make a few people very, very rich and to save face from having to admit that we could do no better than the Russians. This month the escapade in Afghanistan has become the longest war in American history because the American people don't see it on the TV and only a few poor families are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. In Orwell's book 1984 there was a never ending war in Eastasia that sounded like the stuff of fiction until life in the 21st century. The current madness will endure because we do not have a fair election system and most citizens see no value in getting involved in civics. Jefferson's informed and educated electorate is a two hundred year old dream that has yet to become a reality. One can only hope that we, as a people, will eventually wake up and smell the pungent mix of gunpowder and bullshit.

June 13, 2010:

I just read that they have discovered the world's largest deposit of lithium in Afghanistan and you know what that means––we ain't ever leavin', so unpack your bags boys and girls. We are here to stay!

August 26, 2010

Today is the first day of classes for the Fall 2010 semester, the beginning of my 46th year of teaching at City College and my 9th year as chair of the department. I also heard that last week was the end of the Iraq War and it ended with our combat troops sneaking out in the middle of the night. I am old enough to remember that we did win a war in my lifetime and I can still envision the Japanese in defeat on the deck of the Battleship Missouri. But that was 1945 and we've had a lot wars since then, but we didn't win any of them. The picture of the people hanging on to the last helicopter to leave the American Embassy in Saigon said it all. I will be waiting to hear about the victory parade for our Iraqi veterans as they march up the Canyon of Heroes. I hope it is soon because we could use a little boost of morale around here.